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Award winning horror writer and director Chris Sun has written his first book...

..and you aren't ready for this!

Ed Gein was like a horrific road accident, a man whose crimes were so depraved and macabre you just couldn't look away. He became the classic horror icon for such fictional characters as Norman Bates, Leatherface and Buffalo Bill. Regardless of the notoriety, nobody would ever really understand Gein like Larry. 

Ed was an artist and Larry understood what inspired him. Larry saw the same thing when he looked at human skin, the seductive promise of screaming and pain, the raw unadulterated feeling of power. Unlike Ed Gein who robbed graves for his prize, Larry took pleasure in a warm, living body bleeding into his hands. He took all that pain and terror and turned it into beauty. Just like Ed, Larry took a fucked up world and made it something more. 

Nobody could stop him, he held all the power. It didn't matter if you were man, woman, young, old, pretty, ugly, skinny or fat. If you were living and breathing, you were potential art.


The room he worked in was a chaotic mess of filth and carnage. The furniture was aged and mouldy, a sweetened metallic scent hung in the air. The man sat at an old table, paint peeling from its timber surface. The lamp he worked under flickered, once, twice. His brow furrowed with irritation and he reached out to tap the bulb. The flickering stopped immediately and he stared at it a moment longer, as if daring it to flicker again before resuming his work. A Louis XV antique timber chair sat on the bench beside him. It was one of those chairs with carved legs and scalloped aprons, giving the piece a French provincial flare.

He had just finished re-varnishing the piece and had removed the cushion to re-upholster it. The original silk cover lay tossed carelessly to one side. He grunted under his breath as he took the waxed thread in his teeth, trying to force his needle through the new cover he was constructing. Once the thread was forced through the thick hide, he gripped the needle in this teeth and reached for another piece to add to the segment he is working on. With dexterous fingers he placed the new piece of hide over the first, then slipped the needle from his mouth once more. It took even more force to push the needle through this time, but with a resounding POP, it punctured the tough hide and his smile was wide and pleased. He continued on like this for a few moments more, adding segments, stitching, admiring.

Once finished he reached for the naked foam cushion and lay the new cover over it and the timber seat base of the elegant chair. Taking a staple gun in his hand he forced the hide tight along one edge then raised the gun and began to staple down the new cover. The resounding click of the gun was loud in the quiet room as he stapled one full length, then another, then another. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, he methodically worked his way around the chair, pulling the hide taut as he went. Finally, the chair was finished, fully assembled and new. It was a masterpiece and he grinned with morbid delight.

It was a fucking work of art...


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Readers One liner Reviews:

Ness Heagerty ED... A brilliant mix of gore, erotica, humour and blood lust and throw in a couple of halucinagenic twists that you never saw coming. Loved it!
Brett Briese A cannibal corpse album come to life. Nightmarishly disturbing.

‪Lisa Lowe‪ Sex, gore & humor in all the right places.

‪Verna Wilson‪ A seductive sadist read, sure to tantalize the imagination of those horror fans in need of a crazy fixation! I loved it!

‪Nathan Cunico‪ Dysfunctional, eroticism on steroids.

Kirsty Dallas Author A twisted journey of mayhem, blood and psychosis 

‪Benjamin Long‪ A crazy, gory, disturbed erotic rollercoaster to the very end.

‪John Hyland‪ A wicked, twisted fucked up gory ride that keeps up hooked from the first chapter

Horror Maiden's Book Review American Psycho meets The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

Goodreads Reviews (reader Esther) Twisted, evil, hilarious and sexy all in one

Cassandra Hendry An unsettling mix of horrifically vicious desires and tantalising sexual fantasies that will leave you breathless and a little shameful for enjoying so much!!!

Craig Claxton Seriously twisted and sexually demonic with some classic humour to break the tension.... A MUST READ!!

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